A brief photo shoot in the wildlife garden

A brief photo shoot in the wildlife garden

A little misleading title in that we are including some photos from trial beds that volunteers are growing for observation and seed production for next year.

What I observed in my wanderings yesterday was just how popular the edible chrysanthemum sowings had been with the insects.  I’ll say no more as they deserve a post of their own. Here are some of the lovely things I saw yesterday touring the wildlife garden and the test beds.

Bee on ragwort flower, the fluffiest and cuddliest bee ever

Before anyone says anything this isn’t actually in the garden, its just outside on the main site boundary. Ragwort is great for insects but not so good for mammals.

A test polyculture bed with lots of edible crysanthemum and cornflowers.Many of the volunteers have their own gardens or allotments where they are bringing on plants for us or helping to increase seed stocks for major plantings / sowings next year.

Bee flying away from cornflower

Bee feeding inside cornflower

Wildlife garden tansy and ladybird


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